Our exclusive, innovative ingredient discoveries are combined with a combination of other active ingredients to develop formulas that provide measurable and visible results in just 10 days.

From the discovery of our patented compound, Alguronic Acid, to the whole collagen molecules we’ve developed from plants in our Active Vegan Collagen™, to our latest ingredient discovery, Vitamin C from Spirulina, a form of blue-green algae, our biotechnology expertise allows us to research, develop, test and deliver only the most efficacious, safest and vegan formulations, without causing any harm to the natural environment.

Even though Algenist has been present on the market for only 10 years, a list of awards Algenist has already received is enviable.

We are born from an ingredient-level innovation with the discovery of our hero ingredient, Alguronic Acid from algae. Naturally-sourced and sustainably-produced through biotechnology, the innovative green science that respects nature.